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In just a few short days I will be embarking on an amazing experience. I’ve mentioned before in one of my posts that I would be doing an internship with GypsyRoot Production where I will be working as a Production Assistant this summer as they work on their latest horror film Tennessee Gothic, and the time is finally here ( ).  At the start of the summer I thought I would be doing this for credit at my school, but unfortunately due to financial problems I wasn’t able to pay for the credit hours. It made me question whether or not it would be worth the time and work that I would be putting into it.

Then I told myself to stop being an idiot.

My whole life I’ve loved movies. I grew up in a family of film buffs, and my love for horror started at an early age. I knew that if I passed up this opportunity just because I wasn’t getting any academic credit for it I would regret it for the rest of my life. Since I’m a communications major I have a lot of options for my future career, and for awhile I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I came down to Nashville in hopes of working in the music industry, and that may still be what I want to do. But I have so many doors that are going to be open to me because of this degree, including potentially working in the film industry, that I would be doing myself a major disservice by not exploring all the things that I might legitimately enjoy for myself.

So Thursday I’m headed down to Tennessee to do something that if you would have told me a year ago I would be doing I never would have believed.

You may be wondering how I got such an amazing opportunity and, because I’m just such a sweetie-pie, I’m going to tell you.

I’m part of a club at Lipscomb University called CMA Edu.  We work closely with the Country Music Association and we host events and guest speakers and help people interested in the music industry/marketing/communications field get a feel for the industry and what it means to be a part of it. So in the second semester of this last school year we were fortunate enough to host an event with the amazing Scott Scovill. For those country fans out there, he is Brad Paisley’s go-to-guy when it comes to all things touring.

Scott was amazing and gave me some great advice about the music industry, but it was his assistant Katie Groshong that really got my attention. Katie is one of the owners of GypsyRoot Productions, along with Jeff Wedding and we started talking about horror films.  This was during the time when I had to keep this blog for my 21st Century Media course so I was deep in the trenches of all things horror.  I wasn’t really watching any other type of movie, and I was reinforcing/building even more my love for the genre.

Scott had a lot to say to us, but the basic gist of most of what he was telling us was to go after what we wanted and to not be scared to ask for what we want. He also told us that we have to be willing to do the grunt work, and maybe do the not-super-fun jobs in whatever we’re doing to show that we are really serious about what we want. So, after all that, how could I not talk to Katie about potentially doing something with her company? And that’s exactly what I did.

After Scott was done speaking to us, I went to speak with Katie and she gave me her personal email address and several titles of they had made/she had acted in and the rest is history.

Sort of.

I am beyond excited for this opportunity and so completely grateful to Katie and Jeff for letting a virtual stranger with no experience on any sort of set come into this process and try and learn everything I can.  I’ll keep you updated on here, and hopefully you’ll all be able to see the film once we’re done with it.

Thank you all for reading this and taking the time to listen to what is probable a pretty boring story for you guys.

GypsyRoot Facebook:

Katie’s IMDB:

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  1. Khal Alex

    Best of luck on this new endeavor! Stay your course and don’t get discouraged! I get the feeling one day people will look back and say this is where it all started for Miss Rodden. It’s never too late to frame a blog post! Good fortune and have fun!


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