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Hey remembered when I lied? That was fun.

So I was just going back through my blog, and I realized I posted forever ago (like literally…over a year ago) that I would be posting once a week and wow WAS THAT A STUPID THING TO PROMISE!

I completely forgot that I ever made that post, and knowing myself I don’t know why I would ever put a time frame on myself like that.  But, I’ve been thinking about this blog on and off for awhile and while I realize that I’m pretty much the only person that reads it I still want to get back in to posting from time to time about horror things.  I cannot promise any sort of posting schedule, and I can’t promise that I’ll remember everything I’ve posted.  The one thing I DIDN’T lie about in that last post was that I don’t want to keep this strictly movie reviews.  I want to talk about books, YouTube videos, creepy places, spooky experiences, podcasts, and really anything that might have to do with things that go bump in the night.

So I AM back, really, I am.

That’s not a lie.

The lie part would’ve been if I gave you a hard and fast schedule for posting.  I think there will be another post today, and I’m going to TRY to post once every two weeks at least, but please don’t hold me to that (she says to the zero people reading this right now).  If you ARE reading this, THANK YOU AND YOU ARE A GEM.

Keep it horrifying, friends.


One response to “Hey remembered when I lied? That was fun.

  1. Khal Alex

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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