My name is Sarah Rodden, andMe I’ve been watching horror movies since I was far too young to actually be watching horror movies. I grew up in a family with a movie buff for a dad who, without a doubt, owned at least 300 DVDs. Over the years I’ve been able to say things along the lines of “I love horror movies”, but I’ve never been at a place where I can truthfully call myself a “horror buff”. That is what I’m hoping to achieve here. I’m going to be delving into the different sub genres of horror, and hopefully I’ll become as much of an expert as a college freshman from small town midwest can be.

Email: skjrodden@gmail.com


4 responses to “About

  1. jackniles

    I so look forward to getting to read your posts! I’m a huge horror movie fa so I would love for you to introduce me to some good ones that i haven’t heard of.


  2. Khal Alex

    Very excited to see what becomes of No Guts, No Gory! This appears to be a great blog to further an interest in the horror genre or begin one. Best of luck on this trek and by all means, please lead the way!


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