Hey remembered when I lied? That was fun.

So I was just going back through my blog, and I realized I posted forever ago (like literally…over a year ago) that I would be posting once a week and wow WAS THAT A STUPID THING TO PROMISE!

I completely forgot that I ever made that post, and knowing myself I don’t know why I would ever put a time frame on myself like that.  But, I’ve been thinking about this blog on and off for awhile and while I realize that I’m pretty much the only person that reads it I still want to get back in to posting from time to time about horror things.  I cannot promise any sort of posting schedule, and I can’t promise that I’ll remember everything I’ve posted.  The one thing I DIDN’T lie about in that last post was that I don’t want to keep this strictly movie reviews.  I want to talk about books, YouTube videos, creepy places, spooky experiences, podcasts, and really anything that might have to do with things that go bump in the night.

So I AM back, really, I am.

That’s not a lie.

The lie part would’ve been if I gave you a hard and fast schedule for posting.  I think there will be another post today, and I’m going to TRY to post once every two weeks at least, but please don’t hold me to that (she says to the zero people reading this right now).  If you ARE reading this, THANK YOU AND YOU ARE A GEM.

Keep it horrifying, friends.


I’m back witches

Hello all you out there in internet land (even though I’m not sure anyone is actually reading this other than maybe my dad…HI DAD). I have been so ridiculously busy since the beginning of this semester that I wasn’t sure at all whether or not sustaining this blog was going to be possible. As you can all see so far it hasn’t been. But things in my life have been changing and recent events have made me realize that keeping this blog is actually going to be something useful to my future career, unlike when I originally started keeping it and it was just for a class project.

I have switched my major from Strategic Communications (a pretentious way to say Public Relations) to English: Writing Track and through that I have decided that keeping a blog about something I actually am passionate about, not because I’m being told I have to but because I want to, is a good way to exercise my writing skills.

So here is my promise to those of you out there who may, or may not, be reading this right now: I will be posting a new blog on something horror related once a week.  It may be a film, it may be a book, it may be a real life horror story but regardless of what it is it will be up.

I hope that those of you who may be reading this are still somewhat intrigued in the ramblings of a long time horror nerd who just wants to keep my writing muscles well toned and continue to build them up.

Thank you to those of you who have still come back even though I completely neglected this and you for months now.  I appreciate it and you.

Keep it horrifying my friends.